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UV Water Filtration Systems in Walkerton

When you need to eliminate microorganisms from your water, consider an ultraviolet (UV) system. A UV system effectively reduces 99% of the contaminants in your household water to make it safer for your family to drink.


At Royal Water Filtration, we sell UV systems to Grey and Bruce Counties' households concerned about reducing levels of bacteria, viruses, and cysts in their water supply.

Eco-Friendly Water Purification

A UV system uses UV light to purify water of contaminants such as bacteria, coliform, cysts, and more in your water supply. In addition to being highly effective at eliminating these microorganisms, there are numerous other advantages to using a UV system as well, such as: 

  • Gentle on the environment – UV has no disinfection by-products
  • Cost-effective – you just need to replace the lamp and sleeve of the equipment annually
  • Energy-efficient – this system has low electrical needs 
  • Chemical-free – UV systems do not use harmful chemicals

Find out if you need a UV system in your home. Call Royal Water Filtration for a free, no-obligation water testing.

Premium Ultraviolet System
Soft water

Get Soft,
Bright Hair

Don’t let hard water dull your hair.
Get rid of hard water
with a water softener.

Sulfur-rich water

Does Your
Water Smell?

Sulfur-rich water
can give your water
a rotten egg smell.

Turbidity Filters

Get Rid of
Cloudy Water

Water should come out
clear from your
household taps.

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