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Royal Water Filtration: Equipment, Installations & Service in Grey and Bruce Counties

Save on energy costs, improve the taste of your drinking water, and get cleaner, spot-free dishes with Royal Water Filtration. Royal Water Filtration in Chatsworth has been filtering and softening household water for over 20 years. We are water experts who offer water softening and filtration service, from installation to maintenance service of water softeners. 

Water Filtering and Softening Systems for Sale

Royal Water Filtration is well-known as a licensed dealer and service provider for Excalibur Water and a service provider for water filtration systems. All of our equipment is custom-built by Excalibur Water Systems and backed by warranties to reliably deliver your water needs. 

Water Services We Offer

At Royal Water Filtration, we consider ourselves the clean water experts. We offer the following water purification services:

If you already have a water system in your household, we also perform repairs and maintenance work on any of the equipment and systems listed. Our technicians also carry equipment parts on hand. 

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Free, No-Obligation Water Analysis

With over 2,500 local customers existing in the Grey and Bruce county areas, we service water filtration and softening systems in households from Tobermory to Collingwood and everywhere in between.

When you call us about improving your household water, our technicians will come out and perform an in-house water test first. Only after analyzing the water and assessing the size of the equipment needed will we suggest a water softener. We will not sell a water softener without a full visual analysis first. 

Should I Filter/Soften My Water?

Water is a life necessity. Ensure that your household water is as healthy as possible for your family to drink and use with our affordable water filtration and softening systems. A few of the signs that you should look for in your current household water include:

For immediate results right from your kitchen sink, call Royal Water Filtration today for a free, no-obligation, full visual water analysis. Start drinking healthier water today.

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Get Soft,
Bright Hair

Don’t let hard water dull your hair.
Get rid of hard water
with a water softener.

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Does Your
Water Smell?

Sulfur-rich water
can give your water
a rotten egg smell.

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Get Rid of
Cloudy Water

Water should come out
clear from your
household taps.

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