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Water Filters in Hanover, Owen Sound, Durham, Meaford, Markdale, and Wiarton for Iron and Sulfur Removal

Remove iron or sulfur compounds from your household and improve your water quality. When you have a high content of iron or sulfur in your water, you will know. 

Water that has a high level of iron will show up as orange stains on your household fixtures, and it will have a metallic flavour when you drink it. Sulfur-rich water has a strong rotten egg smell. While none of these compounds are immediately hazardous to your health, they do affect the quality of your drinking water.

Fresh, Clean Water from Any Tap

At Royal Water Filtration in Chatsworth, we offer high-quality iron and sulfur filters from manufacturers such as Excalibur Water and water filtration systems to remove these elements from your household water.

Call Royal Water Filtration today to book your free, no-obligation water analysis. One of our technicians will come to your home and test your water before determining the proper water treatment system for you. 

Excalibur Zentec Iron, Sulfur, & Manganese Filter
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Filtered Water

Royal Water Filtration offers affordable water systems for every household budget. 

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Get Soft
Bright Hair

Don’t let hard water dull your hair.
Get rid of hard water
with a water softener. 

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Get Rid of
Cloudy Water

Water should come out
clear from your
household taps.

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