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Get Clearer, Safer Drinking Water in Your Durham Home

Have you ever poured water from your tap to find that it is cloudy? The word for that is turbidity. Turbidity refers to how the clarity of water is affected by any matter that is suspended in water, such as clay, silt, particles of organic/inorganic matter, and microscopic organisms. 

No More Clouds in Your Water

It’s important to keep turbidity levels low in your household water. The presence of disease-causing microscopic organisms, such as viruses, parasites and some bacteria, is harmful to the overall health of your family.

Royal Water Filtration in Chatsworth has effective, high-quality water filters to reduce turbidity in your household. Call one of our technicians for your free, no-obligation water testing. 

Excalibur 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
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Filtered Water

Royal Water Filtration offers affordable water systems for every household budget. 

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Get Soft
Bright Hair

Don’t let hard water dull your hair.
Get rid of hard water
with a water softener. 

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Does Your
Water Smell?

Sulfur-rich water
can give your water
a rotten egg smell. 

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