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Optimal Water Filtration in Meaford

At Royal Water Filtration, we offer high-quality reverse osmosis systems to filter and treat household water in Grey and Bruce counties. For optimal drinking water from your household taps, consider reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is a complete water purification system that will give you outstanding water quality. By directing your household water through a pre-filter, this removes particles, taste, and odours. By force of pressure, the water is pushed through a screen where most of the remaining solids in the water are flushed down the drain.

The filtered water is then kept in a storage tank, but before it goes to the faucet, an activated carbon screen filters unwanted taste and odour. Only clean, fresh water runs into your glass or sink.

Reverse osmosis filtration device

Advantages of a Reverse Osmosis System

The reverse osmosis system is an effective water treatment system that produces high-quality drinking water. With a reverse osmosis system, there are benefits such as: 

  • Improved water taste, odour and appearance
  • Simple equipment maintenance
  • Cost savings versus buying cases of bottled water
  • Effective impurities removal

Improve your tap water with an affordable water filtration system. Contact Royal Water Filtration today for a free, full visual water analysis of your household water supply.

Superior Model 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System
Soft water

Get Soft,
Bright Hair

Don’t let hard water dull your hair.
Get rid of hard water
with a water softener.

Sulfur-rich water

Does Your
Water Smell?

Sulfur-rich water
can give your water
a rotten egg smell.

Turbidity Filters

Get Rid of
Cloudy Water

Water should come out
clear from your
household taps.

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