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Water Softeners in Owen Sound

Hard water can impact your daily household duties. It can clog your pipes, spot your glasses with water marks, and leave your hair dull after the shower. At Royal Water Filtration in Chatsworth, we sell quality water softeners to effectively remove calcium and magnesium and leave you only with soft water.

Benefits of Soft Water

As a licensed dealer of Excalibur Water and water filtration systems, Royal Water Filtration sells high-quality water purification systems that will remove impurities and unwanted minerals from your water. There are numerous benefits to purifying your water, such as: 

  • Improved performance of your household appliances
  • Reduced build-up on your bathroom fixtures 
  • Less water spots on your glassware, dishes and flatware
  • Softer, cleaner skin and hair for your whole family
  • Better-tasting water for consumption 
  • Lower energy bills due to reduced build-up of film in your pipes


There are many more benefits of having soft water in your home. Since every home has different water purification systems, our service technicians at Royal Water Filtration will perform a free, no-obligation full visual water analysis at your house to determine the right water purification for your needs. Contact us today to set up testing of your household water.

Ultimate Series Electronic Metered Water Softener
Book a Water Testing

Filtered Water

Royal Water Filtration offers affordable water systems for every household budget.

Sulfur-rich water

Does Your
Water Smell?

Sulfur-rich water
can give your water
a rotten egg smell.

Turbidity Filters

Get Rid of
Cloudy Water

Water should come out
clear from your
household taps.

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